MongoDB Features – Sharded Deployments, Cluster-Consistent Backups, Advisors in ClusterControl 1.3.2 Release

Jean-Jérôme Schmidt


The Severalnines team is pleased to announce the release of ClusterControl 1.3.2.

This release contains new features, such as deploying MongoDB sharded clusters and scheduling cluster-consistent backups, MongoDB Advisors, a new alarm viewer and new deployment wizard for MySQL, MongoDB & PostgreSQL, along with performance improvements and bug fixes.


  • For MongoDB
    • Deploy or add existing MongoDB sharded clusters
    • Support for Percona consistent MongoDB backup
    • Manage MongoDB configurations
    • MongoDB Advisors
    • New overview page for sharded clusters and performance graphs
  • For MySQL, MongoDB & PostgreSQL
    • New Alarm Viewer
    • New Deployment Wizard

For more details and resources:

Deploy or Add Existing MongoDB Sharded Clusters

Not only can users now deploy MongoDB sharded clusters, but adding your existing sharded cluster to ClusterControl is as easy as adding a replica set: all shard routers in the cluster need to be specified with its credentials, and ClusterControl will automatically discover all shards and replica sets in the cluster. Supports Percona MongoDB and MongoDB Inc v3.2.

Manage MongoDB Configurations

MongoDB configuration management includes functionality such as: change the configuration, import configurations for all nodes and define/alter templates. Users can immediately change the whole configuration file and write this configuration back to the database node. With this latest release of ClusterControl, users can manage MongoDB configurations even more intuitively than before.

New Overview Page for Sharded Clusters and Performance Graphs

The MongoDB stats and performance overview can be found under the Performance tab of your ClusterControl instance. Mongo Stats is an overview of the output of mongostat and the Performance overview gives a good graphical overview of the MongoDB opcounters. It now includes a per replicaSet/Config Server/router view for sharded clusters, alongside performance graphs.

Support for Cluster Consistent MongoDB Backup

ClusterControl now supports Percona’s Consistent MongoDB backup, if installed on the ClusterControl controller node. Percona’s Consistent MongoDB backup is able to create a consistent cluster backup across many separate shards. It auto-discovers healthy members for backup by considering replication lag, replication ‘priority’ and by preferring ‘hidden’ members.

New Alarm Viewer

The enhanced viewer gives the user a better overview of events, especially if you have multiple clusters. Alarms and jobs for all clusters are now consolidated in a single view with a timeline of each event/alarm. Click on each event name to view related logs to the event/alarm and take the relevant actions required to avoid potential issues.

New Deployment Wizard

It is now possible to create entire master-slave setups in one go via our new deployment wizard. In previous versions, one had to first create a master, and afterwards, add slaves to it. You can now do it all in one go. The wizard supports MySQL Replication, MySQL Galera, MySQL/NDB, MongoDB ReplicaSet, MongoDB Shards and PostgreSQL.

There is a bunch of other improvements that we have not mentioned here. You can find all details in the ChangeLog.

We encourage you to test this latest release and provide us with your feedback. If you’d like a demo, feel free to request one.

With over 8,000 users to date, ClusterControl is the leading, platform independent automation and management solution for MySQL, MariaDB, Percona, MongoDB and PostgreSQL.

Thank you for your ongoing support, and happy clustering!

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