Are You Looking For A Machine That Unleashes The Power In Your Database Instances?

Lukas Vileikis


If you are a developer or even a technical director of a company, chances are that sometimes you might find yourself looking for a solution that solves your database problems: if you are looking for one, chances are that you might know a thing or two about ClusterControl developed by database experts over at Severalnines. If you know a thing or two about ClusterControl, however, chances are that you might also know a couple of things about other products developed by Severalnines including CCX and Backup Ninja. CCX can become the machine that unleashes all of the power inside of your database instances.


CCX can definitely unleash all of the power hidden in your database instances and clusters – that is, if you let it do so. Here’s how CCX looks like from the inside:

As you can already see, once you log into CCX, you are able to observe information relevant to all kinds of data stores that might be relevant to your database instances: CCX will provide you with its status, what kind of database cluster is it running, how many database nodes you have, what is your cloud provider and where is it located, also how many queries per second your data store is running. CCX will also provide you with the ability to dive deeper into your data stores and there is where all of the magic provided by CCX actually begins to work, so we will do that now:

The overview of your data stores alone should give you a lot of information alone: do you see? CCX is able to tell you everything about the state of your services – what services are running fine, what cloud providers are you using, where are they located, whether your database (MariaDB, in this case), clusters are available or not, what kind of a network they are in, and also provide you with some instance information? Isn’t that great – think about how much information about the power of your database instances you can already see – on the overview alone (!)

Don’t you forget what your database services are capable of in the first place: should you do so, CCX by Severalnines will gladly remind you:

What about a database monitoring machine that doesn’t monitor your queries? Those doesn’t exist, do they even? No, they don’t! With the power of CCX developed by Severalnines you will no longer have to worry about your database queries being slow, your database running out of disk space, or consuming too much CPU: not if you monitor all of those things, no!

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