Announcing ClusterControl 1.7.1: Support for PostgreSQL 11 and MongoDB 4.0, Enhanced Monitoring

Jean-Jérôme Schmidt


We are excited to announce the 1.7.1 release of ClusterControl – the only management system you’ll ever need to take control of your open source database infrastructure!

ClusterControl 1.7.1 introduces the next iteration of our agent-based monitoring infrastructure for MySQL, Galera Cluster, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, HAProxy & ProxySQL, a suite of new features to help users fully automate and manage PostgreSQL (including support for PostgreSQL 11), support for MongoDB 4.0 … and more!

Release Highlights

Performance Management

  • Enhanced performance dashboards for MySQL, Galera Cluster, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, HAProxy & ProxySQL
  • Enhanced query monitoring for PostgreSQL: view query statistics

Deployment & Backup Management

  • Create a cluster from backup for MySQL & PostgreSQL
  • Verify/restore backup on a standalone PostgreSQL host
  • ClusterControl Backup & Restore

Additional Highlights

  • Support for PostgreSQL 11 and MongoDB 4.0

View the ClusterControl ChangeLog for all the details

View Release Details and Resources

Release Details

Performance Management

Enhanced performance dashboards for MySQL, Galera Cluster, PostgreSQL & ProxySQL

Since October 2018, ClusterControl users have access to a set of monitoring dashboards that have Prometheus as the data source with its flexible query language and multi-dimensional data model, where time series data is identified by metric name and key/value pairs.

The advantage of this new agent-based monitoring infrastructure is that users can enable their database clusters to use Prometheus exporters to collect metrics on their nodes and hosts, thus avoiding excessive SSH activity for monitoring and metrics collections and use SSH connectivity only for management operations.

These Prometheus exporters can now be installed or enabled Prometheus on your nodes and hosts with MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB based clusters. And you have the possibility to customize collector flags for the exporters (Prometheus), which allows you to disable collecting from MySQL’s performance schema for example, if you experience load issues on your server.

This allows for greater accuracy and customization options while monitoring your database clusters. ClusterControl takes care of installing and maintaining Prometheus as well as exporters on the monitored hosts.

With this 1.7.1 release, ClusterControl now also comes with the next iteration of the following (new) dashboards:

  • System Overview
  • Cluster Overview
  • MySQL Server – General
  • MySQL Server – Caches
  • MySQL InnoDB Metrics
  • Galera Cluster Overview
  • Galera Server Overview
  • PostgreSQL Overview
  • ProxySQL Overview
  • HAProxy Overview
  • MongoDB Cluster Overview
  • MongoDB ReplicaSet
  • MongoDB Server

Do check them out and let us know what you think!

MongoDB Cluster Overview

MongoDB Cluster Overview
HAProxy Overview

HAProxy Overview

Performance Management

Advanced query monitoring for PostgreSQL: view query statistics

ClusterControl 1.7.1 now comes with a whole range of new query statistics that can easily be viewed and monitored via the ClusterControl GUI. The following statistics are included in this new release:

  • Access by sequential or index scans
  • Table I/O statistics
  • Index I/O statistics
  • Database Wide Statistics
  • Table Bloat And Index Bloat
  • Top 10 largest tables
  • Database Sizes
  • Last analyzed or vacuumed
  • Unused indexes
  • Duplicate indexes
  • Exclusive lock waits
Table Bloat & Index Bloat

Table Bloat & Index Bloat


Create a cluster from backup for MySQL & PostgreSQL

To be able to deliver database and application changes more quickly, several tasks must be automated. It can be a daunting job to ensure that a development team has the latest database build for the test when there is a proliferation of copies, and the production database is in use.

ClusterControl provides a single process to create a new cluster from backup with no impact on the source database system.

With this new release, you can easily create MySQL Galera or PostgreSQL including the data from backup you need.

Backup Management

ClusterControl Backup/Restore

ClusterControl users can use this new feature to migrate a setup from one controller to another controller; and backup the meta-data of an entire controller or individual clusters from the s9s CLI. The backup can then be restored on a new controller with a new hostname/IP and the restore process will automatically recreate database access privileges. Check it out!

Additional New Functionalities

View the ClusterControl ChangeLog for all the details!

Download ClusterControl today!

Happy Clustering!

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