An executive’s guide to database management ROI

This guide discusses the options available to IT leaders when bringing in open source databases into their environments as well as general information on the open source database market. Also included in this white paper are an analysis of the costs of both doing and not doing select actions which are essential to managing open source databases.

What we’ll cover in this white paper

  • 1. Executive Summary
    • 1.1. The Value of ClusterControl
    • 1.2. Introduction to Severalnines & ClusterControl
  • 2. Why Open Source
    • 2.1. The Value of Community Innovation
    • 2.2. Understanding the Open Source Database World
    • 2.3. Understanding the Needs of Open Source Databases
    • 2.4. The Downsides of Open Source
  • 3. Understanding the Costs
    • 3.1. Understanding the Cost of Free
    • 3.2. Understanding the Cost of Downtime
    • 3.3. The Cost of New Knowledge
    • 3.4. Managing Open Source Databases – A Comparison
    • 3.5. Database Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • 4. Where ClusterControl Fits
    • 4.1. How Many Tools to do What ClusterControl Does 

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