Disaster recovery planning for MySQL and MariaDB

Database outages are almost inevitable and understanding the timeline of an outage can help us better prepare, diagnose and recover from one. To mitigate the impact of downtime, organizations need an appropriate disaster recovery (DR) plan. This white paper provides essential insights into how to build such a plan, discussing the database mechanisms involved as well as how these mechanisms can be fully automated with ClusterControl, a management platform for open source database systems.

What we’ll cover in this white paper

  • Introduction
  • Business considerations for Disaster RecoveryIs
    • 100% Uptime Possible?
    • Analyzing risk
    • Assessing business impact
  • Defining Disaster Recovery?
    • Outage Timeline
    • Recovery Time Objective
    • Recovery Point Objective
    • RPO + RTO = 0 ?
  • Disaster Recovery Tiers
    • 1. No Offsite Data
    • 2. Database Backup with no Hot Site
    • 3. Database Backup with Hot Site
    • 4. Asynchronous Replication to Hot Site
    • 5. Synchronous Replication to Hot Site
  • In Conclusion

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