The DevOps guide to database management

Relational databases are not very flexible by nature, while DevOps is all about flexibility. This creates many challenges that need to be overcome. This white paper discusses three core challenges faced by DevOps when it comes to managing databases. It also discusses how Severalnines ClusterControl can be used to address these challenges.

What we’ll cover in this white paper

  • 1. Database challenges with Devops
    • 1.1. Database collaboration in DevOps
    • 1.2. What does this mean for databases?
  • 2. The impact of microservice architectures
  • 3. Managing databases in a DevOps environment
    • 3.1. Deployment automation
    • 3.2. Performance monitoring
    • 3.3. Schema changes
    • 3.4. Version upgrades
    • 3.5. Automated Failover
    • 3.6. Data distribution
    • 3.7. Managing data flows
  • 4. ChatOps
  • 5. Summary

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