How to Secure MongoDB with ClusterControl

Art van Scheppingen
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Watch the replay of our webinar on “How to secure MongoDB with ClusterControl” and find out about the essential steps necessary to secure MongoDB and how to verify if your MongoDB instance is safe.

The recent MongoDB ransom hack caused a lot of damage and outages, while it could have been prevented with maybe two or three simple configuration changes. MongoDB offers a lot of security features out of the box, however it disables them by default.

In this webinar, we explain which configuration changes are necessary to enable MongoDB’s security features, and how to test if your setup is secure after enablement. We also demonstrate how ClusterControl enables security on default installations. And we cover how to leverage the ClusterControl advisors and the MongoDB Audit Log to constantly scan your environment, and harden your security even more.


  • What is the MongoDB ransom hack?
  • What other security threats are valid for MongoDB?
  • How to enable authentication / authorisation
  • How to secure MongoDB from ransomware
  • How to scan your system
  • ClusterControl MongoDB security advisors
  • Live Demo
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