Real-Time Database Monitoring & Alerts

ClusterControl provides a unified view of all your database deployments across multiple datacenters, letting you see the big picture or drilling down into individual nodes - all in real time.

Configurable, Comprehensive Database Monitoring

ClusterControl provides configurable dashboards, each specific to your database technology, to monitor the key metrics to drive the performance of your application. In addition, it also provides operating system dashboards to monitor the layer outside of your database.
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Featured Monitoring Functions

Intelligent Database Health Checks
Agent or Agentless Monitoring
Syslog Integrations
Hybrid Infrastructure Monitoring
Monitoring with Advisors
database health checks
Intelligent Database Health Checks
ClusterControl understands the specific needs of different database engines, and will not only alert you when something goes wrong, but also when it thinks something may go wrong in the future, allowing you to stay ahead of issues that may arise.
Agent monitoring
Agent or Agentless Monitoring
ClusterControl’s S.C.U.M.M. system uses Prometheus agents for greater accuracy and customization options while monitoring your database clusters. If you prefer an agentless architecture ClusterControl also offers that method of monitoring, reducing the demands on your system.
Syslog Integrations
Clustercontrol integrates with your centralized logging and notification system for your network infrastructure.
Hybrid Infrastructure Monitoring
ClusterControl lets you monitor all of your database stacks whether they are stored locally, across multiple datacenters, in the cloud or a combination of the three.
Monitoring with Advisors
The ClusterControl Developer Studio’s library of Advisors provides you with insights into your database servers, and lets you catch issues before they start affecting the stability of your system.

Why ClusterControl for Monitoring & Alerting?

Detailed Monitoring of the Full Stack

ClusterControl can monitor 100+ key database, load balancer and host metrics. It uses technology-specific best practices for each database technology, ensuring that you have full visibility into the whole stack.

Integrations & Database Alerts

External Monitoring Integrations
Alert System Integrations
ChatOps Integrations
Service Management Integration
External Monitoring Integrations
While ClusterControl provides its own advanced monitoring, you can also integrate with external monitoring systems to see your database stats alongside your other system metrics.
Alert System Integrations
ClusterControl can connect with your existing notification and alert systems allowing for the inclusion of database alerts as part of your overall infrastructure.
ChatOps Integrations
ClusterControl provides integrations with ChatOps services like Slack and Telegram that include database alerts with the rest of your chat notifications.
Service Management Integration
ClusterControl provides an integration with ServiceNow which makes it easier for enterprise support teams to flag database-related issues and solve them before customers are impacted.
“If anyone is looking to save time monitoring clusters and help package the management of them, then ClusterControl is the go-to product. They made us look sharper in front of our customers. We’ve not needed to contact support or bring in external technicians to help with deployment because the platform just works.”
Stewart Smith, COO, Root Level Tech

Explore All ClusterControl Features

Backup & Management

ClusterControl’s comprehensive backup management provides continuous data protection for your open source databases across local and cloud environments.

Monitoring & Alerting

ClusterControl provides a unified view of all your database deployments across multiple datacenters, letting you see the big picture or drilling down into individual nodes.

Deployment & Scaling

ClusterControl’s point-and-click interface lets you automate deployment and scaling of database setups securely to get production-ready environments up and running in a very short time.

Upgrades & Patching

ClusterControl ensures your databases stay up-to-date and compliant, reducing maintenance time by helping you apply upgrades and patches using battle-tested procedures.

Security & Compliance

ClusterControl ensures that your open source database deployments always adhere to the security model setups for each technology and keeps your critical data safe through encryption.

Operational Reporting

ClusterControl provides you with comprehensive operational reports on the health and stability of your database operations.

Configuration Management

ClusterControl makes configuring your databases easy by providing you battle-tested templates as well as making it easy to edit the configuration for your unique setup.

Automatic Recovery & Repair

The advanced automated failover technology in ClusterControl ensures your mission critical applications achieve high availability with zero downtime.

Performance Management

ClusterControl provides advanced monitoring and reporting features to let you easily keep a close eye on the performance of your database setups.


ClusterControl lets you deploy and run highly-available database clusters to AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud.