Helping leading retail solutions provider shift database ops to the cloud

Aptos’s managed hosting team was mandated to move from physical to virtual hosting in the cloud and needed a reliable database management solution to do the heavy lifting.

Industry Retail
Technologies MySQL
Hosting AWS
Datacenters 3
Products ClusterControl


Operating in EMEA, APAC, and LATAM, Aptos Solutions UK provides in-store and online omnichannel solutions for retailers. For Aptos, databases are the heart and soul of their platform: their databases contain customer, product, and content information. One of the essential teams managing this is the managed hosting team, headed by Dominic Day.


“We maintain and monitor the digital e-commerce platform for our online retailers and were recently mandated to move from physical to virtual hosting in the cloud”, said Day. They needed a robust, reliable database management solution that met three key requirements.

  • Provides support for a clustered, open-source solution
  • Easy to manage and understand for an ops team
  • Can be evaluated and implemented quickly

More specifically, they wanted to implement a 3-node, MySQL cluster in AWS with the nodes spread across availability zones and needed a control plane that could be implemented quickly. So they set out to search for MySQL clustering technology, found ClusterControl, and started evaluating us.


After test-driving the product and engaging with our sales and support teams, Day settled on ClusterControl without feeling the need to evaluate others, “ClusterControl ticked all of the boxes and then some and it became very clear, very quickly that their level of expertise was second-to-none.”

Two of his feature highlights include no-touch self-healing and load balancing via HAProxy.


That said, it is what the platform means for his operations that makes the most difference — reduced costs via ready access to open-source databases, improved uptime via AI-driven automation, and enhanced visibility via, “brilliant dashboards that take the pain out of monitoring.”

It has given us a lot of confidence in our architecture while reducing cost and providing a sense of security.

Dominic Day, Head of Managed Hosting



The heart and soul of their platform

Their database layer, which is based on open-source databases, is key to serving their clients, storing essential data that can’t be lost, like customer, product, and content information.


A mandate to move to the cloud

The managed hosting team at Aptos in charge of the platform supporting their online retailer partners was told they needed to move from physical to virtual hosting in the cloud.


Finding resilience through automation

ClusterControl helped the Aptos team to improve their monitoring and other ops capabilities for their MySQL cluster by automating away activities such as failover and load balancing.

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