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Top Nine Stand Out Facts About Percona Live in Santa Clara

Top 9 Facts that made the trip to Santa Clara worthwhile once again for this year’s Percona Live Conference for MySQL and MongoDB users.

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Please take part in our open source database management survey

Open source database management survey April 2015.

Still Time for an Early Look at NinesControl (beta) for MySQL & MongoDB

Sign up for the NinesControl beta program for MySQL, MongoDB and PostgreSQL users.

High Availability Log Processing with Graylog, MongoDB and ElasticSearch

This blog post discusses how to deploy a Graylog cluster, with a MongoDB Replica Set deployed using ClusterControl.

ClusterControl Developer Studio: automatically scale your clusters

This post describes how to automatically scale a MySQL Replication topology via advisors, written in the ClusterControl Developer Studio.

Your Database, Any Cloud - Introducing NinesControl (beta)

Early access to the NinesControl beta program for MySQL, MongoDB and PostgreSQL users.

ClusterControl 1.2.12 - The Full Monty Release for MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB & PostgreSQL

Release of ClusterControl 1.2.12 with key new features, such as support for the latest versions of MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB & PostgreSQL, operational reports and enhanced backup options, along with performance improvements and bug fixes.

s9s Tools and Resources: Momentum Highlights for MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and more!

This is a summary of latest resources for MongoDB, PostgreSQL and MySQL database administration.

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Webinar Replay & Slides: Polyglot Persistence for the MongoDB, MySQL & PostgreSQL DBA

This webinar discusses the four major operational challenges for MySQL, MongoDB & PostgreSQL and includes a live demo.

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Press Release: Percona and Severalnines Expand Partnership to Include MongoDB

Severalnines and Percona expand their partnership, enabling subscribers of Percona Support for MongoDB to access the advanced deployment, monitoring, management, and scaling solutions available from Severalnines’ ClusterControl.

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