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How to Upgrade ClusterControl

Every now and then, we come out with updates for ClusterControl, and we warmly recommend that you keep your software up-to-date. Let alone all the new features that help you better manage your database cluster, using the latest version ensures that you can avoid issues that have already been corrected.

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Several Ways to Install ClusterControl

With ClusterControl gaining in popularity, we are seeing users coming in from different angles. Some users are deploying their database cluster using our Online Configurators, others are looking to install ClusterControl to manage an existing database cluster. And some other users prefer to install ClusterControl first, and then use it to deploy database clusters on-premises.

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Meet Our New ClusterControl v1.2


Severalnines ClusterControl v1.2 introduces support for MongoDB sharded clusters, as well as a new simple and user-friendly interface, with ability to provision clusters directly from the ClusterControl interface. 

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