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Installing ClusterControl Standby Server

As you might already know, ClusterControl runs on a dedicated host. Failure of the ClusterControl host (or the datacenter it is running in) does not affect your running database cluster, however you cannot manage the cluster during that time. This is inconvenient. To guard against this, it is possible to deploy a standby ClusterControl server and increase the availability of your management infrastructure. 

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Resources for HA Database Clusters: Latest Updates

For those of you who know Severalnines and maybe use some of our tools & products, you’ll know that we provide our users with a monthly summary of all the resources & tools that we’re publishing. Since this is publicly available material, we thought it’d be useful also for the broader open source database community.

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Severalnines on AWS Marketplace: Getting Started

Good news for AWS users! We are now available on AWS Marketplace. This allows you, with a single click of a button, to deploy ClusterControl in just a few minutes. Once ClusterControl is deployed, you can have it monitor your existing database clusters, or use it as a deployment server to set up new clusters. The AMI is free, so you only pay for the hardware/network resources that you actually consume. 

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ClusterControl 1.2.3 Released

The Severalnines team is pleased to announce the release of ClusterControl 1.2.3. This release contains new key features along with performance improvements and bug fixes. We have outlined some of the key features below. 

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Several Ways to Install ClusterControl

With ClusterControl gaining in popularity, we are seeing users coming in from different angles. Some users are deploying their database cluster using our Online Configurators, others are looking to install ClusterControl to manage an existing database cluster. And some other users prefer to install ClusterControl first, and then use it to deploy database clusters on-premises.

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Meet Our New ClusterControl v1.2


Severalnines ClusterControl v1.2 introduces support for MongoDB sharded clusters, as well as a new simple and user-friendly interface, with ability to provision clusters directly from the ClusterControl interface. 

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