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Please take part in our open source database management survey

Open source database management survey April 2015.

Still Time for an Early Look at NinesControl (beta) for MySQL & MongoDB

Sign up for the NinesControl beta program for MySQL, MongoDB and PostgreSQL users.

Press Release: Severalnines serves up Turkish delight for iyzico’s payment platform

Announcement of the collaboration between Severalnines and iyzico, which created a secure database management system offering high-availability.

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Your Database, Any Cloud - Introducing NinesControl (beta)

Early access to the NinesControl beta program for MySQL, MongoDB and PostgreSQL users.

s9s Tools and Resources: Momentum Highlights for MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and more!

This is a summary of latest resources for MongoDB, PostgreSQL and MySQL database administration.

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Press Release: Percona and Severalnines Expand Partnership to Include MongoDB

Severalnines and Percona expand their partnership, enabling subscribers of Percona Support for MongoDB to access the advanced deployment, monitoring, management, and scaling solutions available from Severalnines’ ClusterControl.

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Press Release: Severalnines adds silver lining to database management for

Cloud-based server monitoring platform moves from MySQL to MariaDB with ClusterControl

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s9s Tools and Resources: Polyglot Persistence webinar for MySQL, MongoDB & PostgreSQL - and more!

Check out our resources for MongoDB, MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL

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Severalnines breaks records on MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB

Severalnines, a database automation pioneer which helps businesses deploy and manage open source databases in any environment, closes 2015 on a high with new customer wins and new hires. Severalnines is entirely self-funded, having taken no external capital, allowing its product team to focus solely on solving pressing customer and community user needs.

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Press Release: Severalnines aims for the stars with EGO boost

Stockholm, Sweden and anywhere else in the world - Severalnines, the provider of database infrastructure management software, today announced its latest customer, the European Gravitational Observatory (EGO). Severalnines’ ClusterControl platform is used to manage and monitor the operations of some of EGO’s open source databases and help scientists to track, analyse and share data gathered from research on gravitational waves.  

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