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MySQL slave promotion with- and without using GTID

Learn more about MySQL slave promotion in GTID and non-GTID-based MySQL Replication setups.

Learn the difference between Multi-Master and Multi-Source replication

Multi-Master and Multi-Source replication sound similar; they are actually quite different. This blog post illustrates their differences.

Become a MongoDB DBA: MySQL vs MongoDB - Deployment & Provisioning

This post is the first in the “Become a MongoDB DBA” blog series and will cover provisioning and deployment.

New Whitepaper: MySQL Replication Blueprint

MySQL Replication Blueprint whitepaper - this includes all aspects of a Replication topology with the ins and outs of deployment, setting up replication, monitoring, upgrades, performing backups and managing high availability using proxies.

Infrastructure Automation - Ansible Role for ClusterControl

This blog post shows on how to deploy ClusterControl using Ansible role for infrastructure automation.

How ProxySQL adds Failover and Query Control to your MySQL Replication Setup

An overview of ProxySQL in a MySQL replication environment, and how ProxySQL adds features like failover and query control to the setup.

Read-Write Splitting for Java Apps using Connector/J, MySQL Replication and HAProxy

In this blog post, we will play around with Java and MySQL Replication to perform read-write splitting for Java Apps using Connector/J.

New Whitepaper: MySQL Replication for High Availability

This whitepaper covers all you need to know to get started with or refreshed on MySQL Replication, including information about the latest features introduced in 5.6 and 5.7.

MySQL Load Balancing with ProxySQL - an Overview

An overview of ProxySQL, an SQL-aware load balancer for MySQL and MariaDB. This blog post explains the concepts behind ProxySQL, and goes through installation and configuration.

Webinar Replay & Slides: How to build scalable database infrastructures with MariaDB & HAProxy

Replay of the webinar with WooServers and Severalnines on how moved from MySQL to clustered MariaDB with HAProxy and MaxScale for high availability.