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Deploying & Configuring MongoDB Shards with Ansible

This blog provides an overview of how to deploy and configure a sharded MongoDB setup using the automation platform Ansible.

An Overview of MongoDB Schema Validation

Schema validation allows you to define the specific structure of documents in each MongoDB collection. If anyone tries to insert some documents which don't match with the defined schema, MongoDB can reject this kind of operation or give warnings according to the type of validation action.

The Basics of MongoDB Configuration

This is our second post in the “Become a MongoDB DBA” blog series. It covers configuration of MongoDB, especially around ReplicaSet, security, authorization, SSL and HTTP / REST api.

MySQL vs MongoDB: Deployment & Provisioning

This post is the first in the “Become a MongoDB DBA” blog series and will cover provisioning and deployment.

Webinar Replay: Become a MongoDB DBA (If You’re Really a MySQL User)

These are replay details for our new webinar series: ‘How to Become a MongoDB DBA’.