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An introduction to Full Text Search in MariaDB

Querying text data used to be hard in InnoDB. Luckily, InnoDB in MariaDB comes with FULLTEXT indexes which make full text search works just fine. In this blog post we will go over the features related to full text search available in MariaDB.

Handling Large Data Volumes with MySQL and MariaDB

Handling large data volumes is always problematic. In this blog we’ll discuss several options to make it more manageable when using MySQL or MariaDB as the database technology.

Common Errors When Migrating PostgreSQL Databases From On-Prem to AWS RDS

This blog is a follow up to Migrating PostgreSQL Databases From On-Prem to the Cloud Using AWS RDS where we explore the common errors you may encounter when performing this migration.

Migrating PostgreSQL Databases From On-Prem to the Cloud Using AWS RDS

This blog provides a step-by-step guide to migrating your PostgreSQL databases from on-premise to the cloud, specifically Amazon RDS.

MariaDB MaxScale Load Balancing on Docker: Management - Part 2

In the previous blog, we looked at how to deploy MaxScale on Docker, and how to use Swarm service to run multiple replicas. This part focuses more on management operations with advanced use cases like service control, configuration management, query processing, security and cluster reconciliation.

PostgreSQL: Query Parallelism in Action

A parallel query is a method used to increase the execution speed of SQL queries by creating multiple query processes that divide the workload of a SQL statement and executing it in parallel or at the same time. In this blog, we’ll explore this concept and how it relates to PostgreSQL.

Comparing Data Stores for PostgreSQL - MVCC vs InnoDB

MVCC is one of the primary ways for most of the RDBMS to solve read-write contention. In this blog, we’ll see in details how PostgreSQL and InnoDB implement the same. Also, we’ll see some of the major differences between their implementation.

Benchmarking Managed PostgreSQL Cloud Solutions - Part Four: Microsoft Azure

The last in our four part series “Benchmarking Managed PostgreSQL Cloud Solution” this blog takes a close (and somewhat painful) look at Microsoft Azure and benchmark it for PostgreSQL using pgbench and sysbench.

Database-Aware Load Balancing: How to Migrate from HAProxy to ProxySQL

HAProxy is a great piece of software, but it may just not be enough for more demanding users and environments. How do you migrate from HAProxy to ProxySQL? This blog post explains the process and shows how ClusterControl can help.

What’s New in ProxySQL 2.0

ProxySQL 2.0 has been released recently with quite a few interesting features, including causal reads, SSL for frontend connections and native support for Galera Cluster. In this blog post, we will explore these new features.