Webinar Replay: Galera Cluster for MySQL vs MySQL (NDB) Cluster: A High Level Comparison

Jean-Jérôme Schmidt


Thanks to everyone who attended and participated in last week’s webinar on ‘Galera Cluster for MySQL vs MySQL (NDB) Cluster: A High Level Comparison’. If you missed the sessions or would like to watch the webinar again & browse through the slides, they are now available online.

In this webinar, Severalnines VP of Products, Alex Yu, who was part of the team at Ericsson who originally developed the NDB storage engine in 2001, gave an overview of the two clustering architectures and discussed their respective strengths and weaknesses: 

  1. MySQL Cluster architecture: strengths and limitations
  2. Galera Architecture: strengths and limitations
  3. Deployment scenarios
  4. Data migration
  5. Read and write workloads (Optimistic/pessimistic locking)
  6. WAN/Geographical replication
  7. Schema changes
  8. Management and monitoring

Watch the replay


Read the slides


Galera Cluster for MySQL, Percona XtraDB Cluster and MariaDB Cluster (the three “flavours” of Galera Cluster) make use of the Galera WSREP libraries to handle synchronous replication. MySQL Cluster is the official clustering solution from Oracle, while Galera Cluster for MySQL is slowly but surely establishing itself as the de-facto clustering solution in the wider MySQL eco-system. 

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Webinar Replay


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