Deploying MySQL, MariaDB, Percona Server, MongoDB or PostgreSQL – Made Easy With ClusterControl

Jean-Jérôme Schmidt


Helping users securely automate and manage their open source databases has been at the core of our efforts from the inception of Severalnines.

And ever since the first release of our flagship product, ClusterControl, it’s always been about making it as easy and secure as possible for users to deploy complex, open source database cluster technologies in any environment.

Since our first steps with deployment, automation and management we’ve perfected the art of securely deploying highly available open source database infrastructures by developing ClusterControl from a deployment and monitoring tool to a full-blown automation and management system adopted by thousands of users worldwide.

As a result, ClusterControl can be used today to deploy, monitor, and manage over a dozen versions of the most popular open source database technologies – on premise or in the cloud.

Whether you’re looking to deploy MySQL standalone, MySQL replication, MySQL Cluster, Galera Cluster, MariaDB, MariaDB Cluster, Percona XtraDB and Percona Server for MongoDB, MongoDB itself and PostgreSQL – ClusterControl has you covered.

In addition to the database stores, users can also deploy and manage load balancing technologies such as HAProxy, ProxySQL, MaxScale and Keepalived.

“Very easy to deploy a cluster, also it facilitates administration and monitoring.”

Michel Berger IT Applications Manager European Broadcasting Union (EBU)

Using ClusterControl, database clusters can be either deployed new or existing ones imported.

A deployment wizard makes it easy and secure to deploy production-ready database clusters with a point and click interface that walks the users through the deployment process step by step.

Select Deploy or Import Cluster

Walk Through of the Deploy Wizard

View Your Cluster List

“ClusterControl is great for deploying and managing a high availability infrastructure. Also find the interface very easy to manage.”

Paul Masterson, Infrastructure Architect, Dunnes

Deploying With the ClusterControl CLI

Users can also chose to work with our CLI, which allows for easy integration with infrastructure orchestration tools such as Ansible etc.

s9s cluster     
  --os-user=vagrant   --wait

The ClusterControl deployment supports multiple NICS and templated configurations.

In short, ClusterControl provides:

  • Topology-aware deployment jobs for MySQL, MariaDB,Percona, MongoDB and PostgreSQL
  • Self-service and on-demand
  • From standalone nodes to load-balanced clusters
  • Your choice of barebone servers, private/public cloud and containers

To see for yourself, download ClusterControl today and give us your feedback.

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