ClusterControl now easily deployable in Kubernetes with our Helm Chart

Dean Maree


Deliver CC to K8s with Helm

We’re pleased to announce that ClusterControl (CC) now integrates with Kubernetes environments via our newly introduced Helm Chart.

Packaging ClusterControl into a singular Helm Chart simplifies deployment with just a few commands.

For DevOps teams utilizing Kubernetes infrastructure, ClusterControl offers a complementary orchestration platform to deploy, manage, and automate database ops through a single pane of glass!

Why integrate ClusterControl into your Kubernetes environment?

  • Easy installation process: Deploy ClusterControl in your Kubernetes environment with just a few commands.
  • Standardization of your full-lifecycle ops: Simplify and reduce your workload with access to powerful monitoring, failover, and alerting capabilities.
  • Customization at your fingertips: Take advantage of ClusterControl’s built-in functionalities or integrate your preferred monitoring stack to effectively manage open-source databases.

We designed our Helm Chart to provide everything you need to get ClusterControl up and running in a vanilla Kubernetes cluster. For more details, explore our Helm Chart documentation available here.

Getting started is easy: Watch our Helm Chart installation walkthrough

Wrapping up

ClusterControl supports multiple environments and installation methods via Install Script, Docker Image, GUI installer, and our latest addition, Helm Chart.

Looking to streamline your full-lifecycle ops and minimize complexity? ClusterControl is the solution to enhance productivity for your ops team.

New to ClusterControl? Try our Community license or Enterprise edition free for 30 days, complete with dedicated technical support to assist you at every stage.

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