ClusterControl Terraform provider now available

Dean Maree


ClusterControl Terraform provider now available.

We’re pleased to announce that ClusterControl (CC) now integrates with the widely-used Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tool – Terraform.

With our Terraform Provider, users can build provisioning workflows into the deployment sequences of their ClusterControl-managed databases.

For DevOps teams using ClusterControl and Terraform, this will further reduce the daily operational load and complexity by helping to streamline processes.

Terraform users gain several advantages, including:

  • Faster deployment: Automate the provisioning of database clusters across public and private clouds tied to your application infrastructure deployments.
  • Greater portability: Facilitate an environment-agnostic implementation and switch between providers and environments wherever you want.
  • Seamless integration: Integrate ClusterControl with your existing Terraform manifests and CI/CD pipeline environments.

The ClusterControl Terraform provider currently supports these databases:

  • MySQL Replication – Percona, MariaDB, Oracle
  • Percona XtraDB Cluster
  • MariaDB Galera Cluster
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB Replicaset
  • MongoDB Shards
  • Redis
  • MS SQL Server
  • TimescaleDB

Additional capabilities include adding nodes (replication secondary), deploying ProxySQL, scheduling backups, setting maintenance, and enabling PBM, and PgBackRest. To get started, check out our Terraform documentation.

Wrapping up

With ClusterControl integrating with Terraform, users can now run provisioning and other database lifecycle ops more efficiently. Stay tuned for upcoming updates as we enhance our Terraform capabilities, including support for additional databases, load balancers, scaling of nodes, and more exciting features!

New to ClusterControl? Experience our Enterprise edition free for 30 days and receive dedicated technical support to assist you every step of the way.

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