ClusterControl 1.5 Documentation – What’s New

Ashraf Sharif


If you haven’t upgraded to ClusterControl 1.5, you should! It’s full of great new features and enhancements. We have lots of documentation to guide you and help you get started. Documentation on older versions is still available in our Github repository.

Apart from the standard routine updates in the user and admin guides to reflect the latest features , we also made some enhancements in other areas.

Improved Readability

We received some feedback on the readability of the documentation page. We have now improved the look and feel by switching to a better CSS template. Syntax highlighting and source code tag are now following the same style we use in our blogs. We have also fixed a number of 404 errors and broken links across the documentation site.

ClusterControl Components

ClusterControl 1.5 introduced two new packages to handle cloud integration and management features. These packages are specifically for handling offsite backup to cloud storage, and will be a base to be extended when adding new functionality in upcoming releases. The ClusterControl modular setup now consists of a number of components:

  • ClusterControl Controller (cmon)
  • ClusterControl REST API
  • ClusterControl UI
  • ClusterControl SSH
  • ClusterControl Notifications
  • ClusterControl Cloud
  • ClusterControl Cloud File Manager
  • ClusterControl CLI

Each of the components is described in detail with examples. We also deprecated an older component called ClusterControl NodeJS which was available since v1.3, replaced by an improved version called ClusterControl Notifications.

Learn about them here.

Graceful Shutdown

We also got some requests to provide recommended ways to perform a clean shutdown of the database cluster, which can be useful during testing or maintenance. Depending on the clustering technology, the order of startup and shut down is vital to keep the whole cluster in sync and ensure the system will start up without any issues in the future.

It is recommended that the ClusterControl node be the last one to shut down, since it needs to oversee the state of the monitored hosts and save it into CMON database. When starting up the database cluster at the later stage, ClusterControl will perform a proper start-up procedure based on the last known state of the monitored hosts.

Check the recommended graceful shutdown steps here.

Troubleshooting Guide

We have listed out common issues, with troubleshooting steps to help you fix some common issues you might bump into. We are in the midst of migrating popular technical support cases from our Support forum, so you can find all the information in one place.

Check out the Troubleshooting Guide here.

We welcome any feedback, suggestions or comments in regards to our documentation to make sure you find everything you need. Happy clustering!

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