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ClusterControl 1.2.12 - The Full Monty Release for MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB & PostgreSQL

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The Severalnines team is pleased to announce the release of ClusterControl 1.2.12.

This release contains key new features, such as support for the latest versions of MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB & PostgreSQL, operational reports and enhanced backup options, along with performance improvements and bug fixes.


  • New for MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB & PostgreSQL
    • Operational Reports
    • Local Mirrored Repositories
    • Enhanced Backup Options
  • New for MySQL
    • Support for Oracle 5.7
    • New Replication Features for Master & Slave
    • Manage Garbd and MaxScale configurations
  • New for MariaDB
    • Support for 10.1
    • SSL Encryption of Galera Replication Links
    • Manage Garbd and MaxScale configurations
  • New for MongoDB
    • Support for 3.2
  • New for PostgreSQL
    • Support for 9.5

For additional details about the release:

Operational Reports for MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB & PostgreSQL

It is now possible to generate, schedule and email out operational reports on the status of all databases managed by ClusterControl. See the Change Log for more details.

Enhanced Backup Options

Typically, sysadmins and DBAs tend to backup their databases from the same host; but what happens if the host goes down? Or the host changes role from slave to master? How does it impact database performance?

Setting the new auto select feature enables ClusterControl to always choose the optimal host to backup from. In case a specific host is configured for the backup, users are now able to select a failover host to backup from. See the full range of new backup options in the Change Log.

New MySQL Replication Features for Master & Slave

Whether users are looking for the most advanced MySQL slave server to use for Master promotion or whether they are in need of delayed replication slaves in their cluster, ClusterControl now comes with a series of new features simplify managing MySQL Replication set ups. To find out about more about these new features, read the Change Log.

Manage Garbd and MaxScale configurations

Configuration Management now also supports Garbd and MaxScale configurations. This allows you to customize both components after their deployment without having to edit the configurations commandline.

SSL Encryption of Galera Replication Links

This new feature is now available to MySQL / MariaDB Galera Cluster users, who are running clusters in a multi-datacenter environment or on less trusted networks. They can now enable/disable SSL encryption of Galera replication links at a click of a button in ClusterControl.

There are a bunch of other features and improvements that we have not mentioned here. You can find all details in the ChangeLog.

We encourage you to test this latest release and provide us with your feedback. If you’d like a demo, feel free to request one.

With over 8,000 users to date, ClusterControl is the leading, platform independent automation and management solution for MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB and PostgreSQL.

Thank you for your ongoing support, and happy clustering!

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