ClusterControl Increases Streaming Speed for Top Video Platform Provider

Learn how ClusterControl increased streaming speed by 76%
United Kingdom
Data Center
Cross Region Multi-AZ AWS
StreamAMG is a UK-based pioneer in the field of bespoke online video streaming and content management. StreamAMG is Europe’s largest player in online video solutions, helping football teams keep fans watching from across the world.
Growing at 30% year on year required StreamAMG to have a scalable IT system to meet new customer demands and to maintain its leadership position in the market. It needed a solution to monitor and optimise its database management system and the detailed metrics to predict database failures.
Rather than use RDS, StreamAMG chose ClusterControl to automate their databases on AWS. The previous environment, based on a master-slave replication topology, was replaced with a multi-master Galera Cluster; and Severalnines’ ClusterControl platform was applied to automate operational tasks and provide visibility of uptime and performance through monitoring capabilities.

ClusterControl for Streaming Video with StreamAMG

We sat down with Andrew De Bono, StreamAMG's Platform Manager to talk about the challenges with Streaming Video applications and how they use ClusterControl. The biggest challenges with streaming video are maintaining uptime and scaling to ensure consistent delivery, no matter how many users are accessing the content. ClusterControl was built for high availability and offers those who stream online media advanced options for handling and distributing the database load required by the application.
“With ClusterControl in place, StreamAMG’s flagship product is now backed with a fully automated database infrastructure on AWS which allows us to ensure excellent uptime. Severalnines increased our streaming speed by 76% and this has greatly improved the delivery of content to our customers. The implementation took only two months to complete and saved us 12% in costs.”
Thom Holliday, Marketing Manager StreamAMG