ClusterControl Makes Databases at SportPesa Less of a Gamble

Learn how SportPesa leveraged ClusterControl to handle enormous traffic to reduce downtime and increase performance
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SportPesa is Africa’s top Sports betting platform and the Official sponsor of the SportPesa Premier league in Kenya, as well as teams like Everton in the English Premier League. They provide more than 500 games daily for betting, with the goal to maximize on their users passion for sports and, at the same time, ensuring that players are greatly rewarded.
The system behind SportPesa handles an enormous amount of traffic. From tracking bets to collecting money, making payments to mobile transactions, or simply keeping up with the latest betting statistics, data is at the core of the online gambling business. Distributed, in-memory clusters are employed to handle this massive amount of traffic, but the explosive growth and high traffic during peak times was a cause of concern as it was a source of instability.
During regular google searches, the SportPesa team seemed to keep coming back to the same website,, to find answers to how best to optimize their database configurations and maximize their performance. Impressed by the knowledge of MySQL Cluster, the SportPesa team then decided to download and give ClusterControl a try.

Why Severalnines

At the core of ClusterControl is it’s automation functionality that allows SportPesa to automate many of the database tasks they have to perform regularly, like deploying new clusters, adding nodes, changing configurations, fixing broken nodes or clusters, running backups and rolling upgrades, and more.
“Severalnines has deep database competence, and can be a trusted partner when building high performance, distributed database systems. ClusterControl comes from a team that really knows how to operate MySQL Cluster.”
Jakob Kristensen, Global Chief Operating Officer at SportPesa