ClusterControl Adds a Virtual DBA to the Net-Sol Team

Centralized database cluster for a suite of telephony applications and services
Data Center
Founded in 2014 following the successful merger of kom2it and bitbybit IT Services, Net-Sol is an Austria-based provider of VOIP phone systems & SIP Trunking. In addition to providing telephony they also offer IT infrastructure, web hosting, and alarm monitoring services.
A combination of a lack of insight into the database operations and performance coupled with the lack of specific database expertise means that when a database node behaved weirdly in their environment, it could take a long time to diagnose the problem. “We had one node failing over the course of two weeks. It was very hard to diagnose, let alone repair... and the system was getting slower and slower.”
Within two days (and without any assistance from the Severalnines team) the Net-Sol team had ClusterControl deployed, their clusters imported and operating, HAProxy configured, and were finally able to monitor at the individual node and query level. “Every engineer on our team is now able to check the health status and even upgrade the cluster.”

Why Severalnines

Managing highly available open source databases is complex, with too many point solutions available, and lack of expert personnel. With ClusterControl Net-Sol was able distribute the ongoing monitoring and maintenance of their complex database cluster to all members of the team, without the need for specific expertise.
“If you need a reliable cluster management system, you need to evaluate ClusterControl. It is the best we have found for clustering open source databases. Severalnines is a perfect company with a very personal sales process that found a solution for every problem we had.”
Wolfgang Peschta, Co-Owner & CEO of Net-Sol