Automating MySQL Failover on Docker to Reduce Downtime

Multi-DC MySQL Automated Failover on Docker coupled with on-premise and cloud backup management features.
Hong Kong, China
Data Center
2 is a leading online, worldwide distributor of video games for platforms like Steam, uPlay, Origin, Xbox, PS4 and more.
For Instant Gaming it was not uncommon for them to have surges of activity trickling down to the centralized database infrastructure. During peak times, this could create performance issues. Occasionally, downtime would occur due to loss of connectivity between datacenters, maintenance and upgrade operations, or even operator error in some cases.
The team found and installed ClusterControl. For Instant Gaming, ClusterControl offered the MySQL automated failover they were looking for as well as support for multiple data centers which tied perfectly into their disaster recovery needs. ClusterControl also offered support for Docker and integration with Amazon S3 for automatic backups and archiving to the cloud.

Why Severalnines

While a disaster had not yet struck Instant Gaming, downtime from errors and maintenance were enough to cause an impact to the business. This coupled with the low margins of their industry meant the reliability of the infrastructure kept the team up at night. But with ClusterControl, they can now relax. “Production database reliability is not something we have to care about or fear anymore when we have time off.”
“We tested extensively the failure scenarios and ClusterControl behaved accordingly, giving us confidence in our infrastructure.”
Jérémie Bordier, IT Infrastructure Consultant of Instant Gaming