Database Management Without the DBA

Consolidation of operations to drive improved efficiency, coupled with the migration to a more complex, highly-available database technology stack.
Data Center
Holiday Pirates is an online travel company for countries in Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, the UK and the United States.
Operating out of various locations, Holiday Pirates had different websites, different databases, and IT infrastructures maintained by different teams. As they grew, it became difficult to manage data from multiple repositories; hence they decided to migrate all data to a single centralized source which could be accessed by web systems in the different countries.
Holiday Pirates search for a database management solution came to an end when they found ClusterControl by Severalnines. ClusterControl could deploy, manage, and monitor their new Galera Cluster setup via a web interface and they could find no better match to this.

Why Severalnines

With ClusterControl, you don’t need advanced DBA skills. With a little support and resources from the website, Holiday Pirates was about to scale and manage their databases in no time. They were impressed by how ClusterControl manages complex database operations via a web interface, saving them time and money, eliminating the need for a new DBA.
“ClusterControl was the only database automation tool with a great user interface and rich in high-end features.”
Abdalaziz Mohamed, Senior DevOps Engineer at Holiday Pirates