High Availability PostgreSQL for eCommerce

High traffic eCommerce site using PostgreSQL Streaming Replication.
The Czech Republic
Data Center
1 (Brno)
OxyShop, a privately owned company based in the Czech Republic, develops eCommerce solutions for a wide range of clients. OxyShop not only delivers a high-quality eCommerce web platform, but also provides business services like training, consulting, marketing and support for customers who want to take their business online.
Data management is a cornerstone of eCommerce site development. In addition to building eCommerce solutions, the OxyShop team is also responsible for ensuring uptime. When a new client approached them to build a tailor-made eCommerce site, where high-traffic was expected and tough SLAs needed to be in place, they knew they needed a data management solution that would deliver stability, security and (most importantly) high availability.
The OxyShop team decided that it was neither cost effective nor would it fit their aggressive project schedule to build a custom solution. ClusterControl, however, allowed them to manage a highly available Postgres setup. It would detect any primary node failures, promote a secondary node with the most recent data and failover to it.

Why Severalnines

The project had to be delivered by OxyShop in time for the busy holiday shopping season. It was the ability to implement quickly, coupled with confidence in the software that lead OxyShop to finally embrace ClusterControl as their High Availability solution for PostgreSQL. OxyShop was able to evaluate ClusterControl quickly and take advantage of our high availability expertise and automatic failover technology.
“ClusterControl sets up a complete high availability stack, and failover functions great. We implemented it quickly and the entire experience was good.”
Tomas Petru, Project Manager at OxyShop