HA Database Clusters Behind Italy's New Digital Identity SPID Provider, SielteID

Centralized database management with a solid backup management, data security, and an automatic recovery solution
Data Center
(3) Sicily & Rome
Founded in 1925, Sielte S.P.A. is an Italian Telecommunications company delivering integration services for telecom networks, systems for transport and other infrastructures, and ICT & cloud computing. It is an identity provider for SPID, which is Italy's public system for digital identity.
In the telecommunications world, mission-critical OLTP databases are subject to stringent high availability requirements. As Sielte began to develop its’ SielteID Identity Management Service (IAM), the team knew they needed a database solution that could operate 24x7 which offered automatic failover and recovery to minimize downtime, and ensure a stable service even in the event of a datacenter going down.
After looking at custom scripts and vendors like Oracle they decided on ClusterControl. ClusterControl provided the Sielte Team with the backup management system they were looking for, automatic failover and recovery, as well as reduced effort and downtime during routine maintenance.

Why Severalnines

With an easy-to-deploy, multi-node, MySQL-based database cluster with automatic failover and recovery the SielteID Team can now sleep comfortably at night knowing their system won’t go down. In addition, ClusterControl allowed Sielte to define a very specific backup plan to conform with their datacenter operations procedures, with archiving to tape.
“After the deployment of the new cluster with ClusterControl we have total control of the infrastructure and we can do maintenance without downtime.”
Salvatore Davide Rapisarda, IT Solutions Architect