High Availability MySQL & MariaDB for Telephony, IPTV, AAA and Billing

CAN’L utilized ClusterControl to increase uptime, stability and efficiency to bring internet services to New Caledonia.
Internet Service Provider
New Caledonia
Data Center
Can’l SAS is an internet service provider located on the beautiful Pacific island of New Caledonia. Its many services include internet broadband service (DSL & Fiber), VoIP phone service, website hosting, domain registration, and TV service.
Although Can’l had a team of five, only the DBA was able to do anything of consequence to the database clusters, such as troubleshooting performance problems or other operational anomalies, recovering from failures, upgrades or backups. This created a bottleneck and was a risk to the business. The other challenge was to evolve the database architecture so it could handle a combination of real-time and longer-running reporting queries.
The Can’l team began searching for database management tools and utilities, and evaluated a few of them. Eventually they found the free ClusterControl Community Edition. After using the free deployment and monitoring features of ClusterControl for some time, they then decided they needed a “do over.” Over the course of the following year, Can’l and the Severalnines team re-built their entire database infrastructure. The management of the NDB Clusters was now automated using ClusterControl.

Why Severalnines

Three years after the initial deployment of ClusterControl, their setup is still up-and-running and meeting the growth needs of their business. In addition they have been able to increase their uptime from 99.9% to 99.999% achieving the “severalnines” they were looking for. In addition to the significant downtime reduction, Can’l has also experienced an overall cost reduction in the management of their databases over the manual process they ran before the implementation. It has also improved team morale, allowing them to focus on more important tasks rather than maintenance.
“One word: Perfect. Our customers are enjoying a service with no problems and that is good for our business. We will renew as long as possible with Severalnines: great experience with three years without issues in production. It gives us the assurance of security and quality.”
Cocconi Alain, CTO