Tackling Growth and Frustration with Database Automation

A replicated MySQL setup with several single points of failure, held together with custom scripts and prayer.
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Blue Light Card is a discount service for those in the UK’s Emergency Services, NHS and Armed Forces this includes volunteers for these services.
Any system that has users access it around the clock can’t afford much downtime. The team at Blue Light Card had been managing a complex setup for a long time...and it was growing more complex by the day. Their system consisted of a whole host of custom written scripts.
While searching for some technical information, he came across ClusterControl. He was impressed with the amount of features it offered and by the simplicity of the interface. The entire team now had access and is assisting in the monitoring and administration of the database stack.

Why Severalnines

There were several functions in ClusterControl that particularly appealed to the Blue Light Card team. They included Master/Slave management, automated backups, proxy management, operational reporting and overall database automation in general.
“I tried a demo of ClusterControl and was blown away by everything it did, so I never really looked at any other vendors”
David Hinchliffe, Head of IT