Powering the Automation of On-Premise Databases

Advanced database systems managed by home grown scripts which required a lot of time investment to maintain.
United States
Data Center
KickBack Rewards Systems (KRS) was formed in 1999 to help retailers reward their best customers as well as gain unparalleled insight into their consumer demographics and their shopping habits.
Kickback Rewards ran their infrastructure using a hybrid cloud model, some on physical data centers and some in cloud environments. While they preferred the functionality and features that came along with the cloud side of things, they could only run some of their operations in the cloud.
ClusterControl allowed them to look across all their OLTP systems with a “single pane of glass”, regardless of topology, platform, or how it was implemented. It also offered them full “hands off” cluster and node auto-recovery

Why Severalnines

Through the implementation of ClusterControl, Kickback Reward Systems has seen massive gains in productivity as their engineers are no longer having to maintain the plethora of home-grown scripts for disaster recovery, business continuity, security & compliance.
“In ClusterControl, we found security patching, compliance monitoring, load balancing, and automated failovers to be far superior than what we had ever home-brewed.”
Brian McManus, CTO of Kickback Reward Systems