Our guide to MySQL and MariaDB performance tuning

If you’re asking yourself the following questions when it comes to optimally running your MySQL or MariaDB databases:

  • How do I tune them to make best use of the hardware?
  • How do I optimize the Operating System?
  • How do I best configure MySQL or MariaDB for a specific database workload?

Then this replay is for you!

We discuss some of the settings that are most often tweaked and which can bring you significant improvement in the performance of your MySQL or MariaDB database. We also cover some of the variables which are frequently modified even though they should not.

Performance tuning is not easy, especially if you’re not an experienced DBA, but you can go a surprisingly long way with a few basic guidelines.

This webinar builds upon blog posts by Krzysztof from the ‘Become a MySQL DBA’ series.

Content of the webinar

  • What to tune and why?
  • Tuning process
  • Operating system tuning
    • Memory
    • I/O performance
  • MySQL configuration tuning
    • Memory
    • I/O performance
  • Useful tools
  • Do’s and do not’s of MySQL tuning
  • Changes in MySQL 8.0

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