An Introduction to Performance Monitoring for PostgreSQL

Sebastian Insausti
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To operate PostgreSQL efficiently, you need to have insight into database performance and make sure it is at optimal levels.

With that in mind, we dive into monitoring PostgreSQL for performance in this webinar replay.

PostgreSQL offers many metrics through various status overviews and commands, but which ones really matter to you? How do you trend and alert on them? What is the meaning behind the metrics? And what are some of the most common causes for performance problems in production?

We discuss this and more in ordinary, plain DBA language. We also have a look at some of the tools available for PostgreSQL monitoring and trending; and we’ll show you how to leverage ClusterControl’s PostgreSQL metrics, dashboards, custom alerting and other features to track and optimize the performance of your system.

This webinar builds upon a related blog post by Sebastian:


  • PostgreSQL architecture overview
  • Performance problems in production
    • Common causes
  • Key PostgreSQL metrics and their meaning
  • Tuning for performance
  • Performance monitoring tools
  • Impact of monitoring on performance
  • How to use ClusterControl to identify performance issues
    • Demo
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