How to deploy and manage HAProxy, MaxScale or ProxySQL with ClusterControl

Proxies are building blocks of high availability setups for MySQL. They can detect failed nodes and route queries to hosts which are still available. If your master failed and you had to promote one of your slaves, proxies will detect such topology changes and route your traffic accordingly.

More advanced proxies can do much more, such as route traffic based on precise query rules, cache queries or mirror them. They can be even used to implement different types of sharding.

In this webinar we talk about support for proxies for MySQL HA setups in ClusterControl: how they differ and what their pros and cons are. And we show you how you can easily deploy and manage HAProxy, MaxScale and ProxySQL from ClusterControl during a live demo.

Content of the webinar

  • Introduction
  • Why use a proxy layer?
  • Comparison of proxies – the pros & cons
    • HAProxy
    • MaxScale
    • ProxySQL
  • Live demo of proxy support in ClusterControl

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