How CloudStats.me moved from MySQL to clustered MariaDB for high availability

CloudStats.me is a fast growing cloud-based server and website monitoring service. The rapid growth of the CloudStats user base and the number of services being monitored created a significant load on its MySQL infrastructure. The system ingests large amounts of incoming metrics/event data collected by thousands of agents. The backend systems also perform analytics on large portions of that data, and alerts are triggered as soon as certain conditions are met.

Content of the webinar

  • CloudStats.me infrastructure overview
  • Database challenges
  • Limitations in cloud-based infrastructure
  • Scaling MySQL – many options (MySQL Cluster, Master-Slave Replication, Sharding, etc)
  • Availability and failover
  • Application sharding vs auto-sharding
  • Migration to MariaDB / Galera Cluster with ClusterControl + NoSQL
  • Load Balancing with HAProxy/MaxScale
  • Infrastructure set up provided to CloudStats.me (Private Network, Cluster Nodes, H/W SSD Raid + BBU)
  • What we learnt – “Know your data!”

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