How to automate and manage MongoDB and Percona Server for MongoDB

Watch as the Severalnines & Percona teams join forces for a different perspective on how to automate and manage your MongoDB or Percona Server for MongoDB databases. During this webinar, we’ll walk you through the key features of the Percona Server for MongoDB as compared to MongoDB itself as well as how to manage both “flavours” of MongoDB.

There are many generic tools available, both commercial and open source, to aid with the automation of operational tasks. Some of these tools are even deployed in the database world.

However, there are a small number of specialist domain-specific automation tools available, and we are going to compare the MongoDB-relevant functionality of two of these products: MongoDB’s Ops Manager, and ClusterControl from Severalnines. Attendees should take away a clear understanding of the differences between these tools, and how they help automate and manage MongoDB operations.

Content of the webinar

  • Introduction to Percona Server for MongoDB
  • How to automate and manage MongoDB
    • Installation and maintenance
    • Complexity of architecture
    • Options for redundancy
    • Comparative functionality
    • Monitoring, Dashboard, Alerting
    • Backing up your deployments
    • Automated deployment of advanced configurations
    • Upgrading existing deployments

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