The Holy Grail Webinar: Become a MySQL DBA - Database Performance Tuning

Krzysztof Ksiazek
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You’re running MySQL as backend database, how do you tune it to make best use of the hardware? How do you optimize the Operating System? How do you best configure MySQL for a specific database workload?

Do these questions sound familiar to you? Maybe you’re having to deal with that type of situation yourself?

In this webinar, we’ve discussed some of the settings that are most often tweaked and which can bring you significant improvement in the performance of your MySQL database. We also covered some of the variables which are frequently modified even though they should not. Performance tuning is not easy, but you can go a surprisingly long way with a few basic guidelines.

This webinar is based on our popular blog series ‘Become a MySQL DBA’.


  • Database tuning - the what and why
  • Principles of the tuning process
  • Tuning the Operating System configuration
  • Tuning the MySQL configuration
  • Useful tools
    • pt-summary
    • pt-mysql-summary
  • What to avoid when tuning OS and MySQL configuration
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