High availability in ProxySQL

The proxy layer is crucial when building a highly available MySQL infrastructure; it is therefore imperative to not let it become a single point of failure on its own. And building a highly available proxy layer creates additional challenges, such as how to manage multiple proxy instances,  how to ensure that their configuration is in sync, Virtual IP and fail-over.

In this joint webinar with ProxySQL’s creator, René Cannaò, you will learn about building a solid, scalable and manageable proxy layer using ProxySQL. And we will show you how you can make your ProxySQL highly available when deploying it from ClusterControl.

Content of the webinar

  • Introduction
  • High Availability in ProxySQL
    • Layered approach
    • Virtual IP
    • Keepalived
  • Configuration management in distributed ProxySQL clusters
  • Demo: ProxySQL + keepalived in ClusterControl
    • Deployment
    • Failover
  • Q&A

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