DevOps tutorial: how to automate your database infrastructure

Join our guest speaker Riaan Nolan of mukuru.com, the First Puppet Labs Certified Professional in South Africa, as he walks us through the facets of DevOps integrations and the mission-critical advantages that database automation can bring to your database infrastructure.

Infrastructure automation isn’t easy, but it’s not rocket science either. Done right, it is a worthwhile investment, but deciding on which tools to invest in can be a confusing and overwhelming process. Riaan will share some of his secrets on how to proceed with this and he knows what he’s talking about: he saves the companies he works for substantial amounts on their monthly IT bills, typically around 50%.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to understand how you can find efficiencies for your database infrastructure and do watch this webinar to understand the key pain points, which indicate that it’s time to invest in database automation.

Content of the webinar

  • DevOps and databases – what are the challenges
  • Managing databases in a DevOps environment
    • Requirements from microservice environments
    • Automated deployments
    • Performance monitoring
    • Backups
    • Schema changes
    • Version upgrades
    • Automated failover
    • Integration with ChatOps and other tools
  • Data distribution
  • Database hosting in cloud environments
  • Managing data flows
  • Cloud Automation on AWS

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