9 DevOps tips for going in production with Galera Cluster for MySQL and MariaDB

Galera Cluster for MySQL / MariaDB is easy to deploy, but how does it behave under real workload, scale, and during long term operation? Proof of concepts and lab tests usually work great for Galera, until it’s time to go into production. Throw in a live migration from an existing database setup and devops life just got a bit more interesting …

If this scenario sounds familiar, then this webinar replay is for you!

This is the final part of our webinar trilogy on MySQL Query Tuning, in which we looked at query tuning process and tools to help with that. We’ve covered topics such as SQL tuning, indexing, the optimizer and how to leverage EXPLAIN to gain insight into execution plans. Part 3: Working with the optimizer and SQL tuning.

Content of the webinar

  • 101 Sanity Check
  • Operating System
  • Backup Strategies
  • Replication & Sync
  • Query Performance
  • Schema Changes
  • Security / Encryption
  • Reporting
  • Managing from disaster

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