How built their own Sovereign DBaaS at scale

Automation is a necessity and a prerequisite for growth, but going through it is a time-consuming and costly process. Therefore, before going down this path, it would be useful to establish your resource limits, whether in money, tools, or expertise. Kristian Köhntopp, the principal systems engineer at, joined us again on this episode of Sovereign DBaaS Decoded. Kristian explains why every enterprise should automate its database and how long it takes to put into effect. However, he also explains that automation is a journey, not a destination. It’s a never-ending game, and each enterprise must stay up to date with regulatory, compliance, or tooling changes, to ensure their databases always meet business objectives. Here are the three episodes for the page – I don’t think we’re adding descriptions to this page so you can ignore those for now. They will go on the secondary pages

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