ClusterControl for MySQL Cluster

The Database Management System for MySQL Cluster

The One System You’ll Need to Manage MySQL Cluster

MySQL (NDB) Cluster is designed to deliver 99.999% availability predominantly for mission-critical applications in the web, telecommunications, government, (online) gaming and fintech industries. The benefits of a well managed MySQL Cluster environment are clear:

  • Scalability
    • Parallel main-memory database cluster
    • Scale up: Takes advantage of the latest multi-core CPU and RAM architectures
    • Scale out: Increase capacity by adding more servers, both on the storage and API layer
  • High Availability: Five 9’s availability, battle-tested in demanding telco environments
  • Performance: In-memory performance capable of handling millions of transactions per second with millisecond latency
  • Flexibility: transactional NoSQL and SQL interfaces

ClusterControl makes it easy to deploy MySQL Cluster, whether on premise or in the cloud, and automate day-to-day management tasks such as on-line scaling, upgrades, backups, reconfigurations, anomaly detection, recovery from failures, and performance monitoring.

Benefits of ClusterControl for MySQL Cluster

Production-ready Deployment

MySQL Cluster is a powerful technology, but production-ready setups with safe configuration defaults can be tricky to deploy. ClusterControl builds upon the experience and learnings from thousands of deployments to help get your clusters up and running faster and more securely in your environment.

360 Degree Monitoring with Anomaly Detection

ClusterControl provides at-a-glance views of the health of your clusters and individual nodes, alerting you to potential problems in the database processes as well as the underlying hardware and OS.

Meet your SLAs with Fully Managed Availability

MySQL Cluster’s native self-healing capability is further enhanced by ClusterControl’s monitoring and automatic recovery features, ensuring that 99.999% availability is seamlessly achieved.

ClusterControl Features for MySQL Cluster

Deployment Wizard

ClusterControl comes with an easy-to-use deployment wizard, which lets you specify the Data, SQL and MGM nodes before it generates appropriate configuration files based on the target hosts and deploys the cluster.

Full Stack Monitoring

ClusterControl’s monitoring features give you insight into the performance of MySQL Cluster as well as the underlying hardware/OS. It integrates with monitoring platforms like Nagios and Zabbix, incident management platforms like PagerDuty and VictorOps, as well as ChatOps platforms like Slack and Telegram.

Self-Healing with Automatic Recovery

ClusterControl can automatically recover SQL and MGM nodes, which makes it easier to keep the cluster up and running.

Automation of Management Tasks

ClusterControl can automate backups, online software upgrades, new configuration rollouts via rolling restarts and scaling operations.

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