ClusterControl for Docker

MySQL & Galera Cluster Database Management in a Docker Container

Deploy MySQL on Docker With Ease


Setup Your Stacks in Kubernetes

Install Kubernetes and use it to configure your stacks.

Bring Your Stacks into Docker

Using a simple command use Kubernetes to pull the stack inside the Docker container.

Setup ClusterControl

Register with ClusterControl and then connect it to your stacks to unlock end-to-end database management from a single console.

About MySQL on Docker

Docker is the world’s leading software container program. Developers love to use Docker for their work because it maintains a stable environment regardless of location to eliminate the “Well, it worked on my computer” issues.

Utilizing Docker for open source databases has been challenging and Severalnines has spent a long time figuring out how to get a successful deployment inside a container. While not yet production-ready, the long running blog series “MySQL on Docker” the Severalnines team has built a means that allows you to successfully deploy MySQL & Galera Cluster technology onto your Docker container and then utilize the advanced features in ClusterControl to monitor, manage & scale it.

What Can ClusterControl Do for You?

Advanced Monitoring
Backup, Restore & Automatic Failover
Load Balancing
Security & Compliance
Advanced Monitoring
ClusterControl makes it easy to visualize your database performance:from 10,000 feet to 10 feet, you can drill down to see every aspect of your data and how it’s performing. It also has alerts, custom advisors, and ChatOps integrations so you and your team can be notified the way you want to be.
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Backup, Restore & Automatic Failover
ClusterControl provides you with sophisticated backup and failover features with a point-and-click interface to easily restore your data if something goes wrong. It allows you to schedule automatic backups, increasing efficiency and making your job easier.
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Load Balancing
Load balancers are an essential component in database high availability, especially when making topology changes transparent to applications and implementing read-write split functionality. ClusterControl provides support for ProxySQL, HAProxy, and Maxscale.
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Security & Compliance
ClusterControl delivers secure deployments with advanced encryption, audit trails, segregation of duties with precise access policies. It also manages your upgrades and security patches to ensure you maintain compliance.
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The only management system you’ll ever need to take control of your open source database infrastructure.

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