Database Operational Reporting

ClusterControl provides you with comprehensive database operational reports on the health and stability of your database operations.

Stay On Top of Your Database Operations

ClusterControl’s operational reports provide unique insight into the performance of your database operations, showing you where to focus your performance improvement efforts and plan for future capacity. Our database reporting tools provide you with all the information you need to stay informed on the health and status of your database environment and document the items needed to remain compliant.
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Operational Reports in ClusterControl

Backup Report
Default Cluster Report
Upgrade Report
Schema Change Detection Report
Availability Report
Database Growth Report (beta)
Backup Reporting Services
Backup Report
The Weekly Backup Report is an HTML report that provides an overview of backups for the reporting period for all managed clusters. The backup report is divided into two sections: backup summary and backup details.
Cluster reports & cluster analysis reports with ClusterControl
Default Cluster Report
The Default Cluster Analysis Report holds all the detailed information about a particular cluster. It starts with a review of various alerts which are related to the cluster group. It also contains information about the state of the nodes that are part of the cluster.
upgrade report
Upgrade Report
This cluster report will help you to keep your packages up-to-date and secure. The Upgrade Report gathers information from the operating system and compares them to packages available in the repository.
Schema Change Detection Report
The Schema Change Detection Report shows any DDL changes on your database. To work correctly it requires an additional parameter in the ClusterControl configuration file.
Availability Report
Availability is notoriously hard to measure and report on, although it is an important KPI in any SLA between you and your customer. With that in mind, we created a report which can measure your database uptime.
Database Growth Report
Database Growth Report (beta)
This report provides a summary of your database and table growth on à daily basis for the last 30 days. This is useful to determine whether any other files that exist in the data directory may consume huge spaces.
“Some of the benefits we’ve seen is powerful database monitoring at a glance. The reports in ClusterControl have really aided us in identifying simple fixes which have shown fairly significant performance gains.”
Trent Goulden, Spree
“ClusterControl presents value to our operations team in several different ways, one of which is performance analysis. When first implementing Galera, we found a number of performance bottlenecks which we quickly found and resolved as a direct result of ClusterControl. One of those being the reports, which provide insight into cache hit ratios, percentage of max connections, open file limits, table lock contention along with other valuable metrics.”
Michael Ward, Site Reliability Manager, Ping Identity

Explore All ClusterControl Features

Backup & Management

ClusterControl’s comprehensive backup management provides continuous data protection for your open source databases across local and cloud environments.

Monitoring & Alerting

ClusterControl provides a unified view of all your database deployments across multiple datacenters, letting you see the big picture or drilling down into individual nodes.

Deployment & Scaling

ClusterControl’s point-and-click interface lets you automate deployment and scaling of database setups securely to get production-ready environments up and running in a very short time.

Upgrades & Patching

ClusterControl ensures your databases stay up-to-date and compliant, reducing maintenance time by helping you apply upgrades and patches using battle-tested procedures.

Security & Compliance

ClusterControl ensures that your open source database deployments always adhere to the security model setups for each technology and keeps your critical data safe through encryption.

Operational Reporting

ClusterControl provides you with comprehensive operational reports on the health and stability of your database operations.

Configuration Management

ClusterControl makes configuring your databases easy by providing you battle-tested templates as well as making it easy to edit the configuration for your unique setup.

Automatic Recovery & Repair

The advanced automated failover technology in ClusterControl ensures your mission critical applications achieve high availability with zero downtime.

Performance Management

ClusterControl provides advanced monitoring and reporting features to let you easily keep a close eye on the performance of your database setups.


ClusterControl lets you deploy and run highly-available database clusters to AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud.