Deploy, Manage, and Backup Your Database in the Cloud

ClusterControl lets you deploy and run highly-available database clusters to AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud. With ClusterControl, you can compress and encrypt your backups, and upload to cloud storage as part of your disaster recovery plans, all from a single management interface.

Multi-Cloud Databases Without Cloud Lock-In

ClusterControl provides seamless deployment and management of your cloud databases. It allows you to leverage the benefits of using the cloud without locking yourself into a proprietary tool or service. ClusterControl lets you take control when disasters strike, minimizing the disruption to your business.
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Top ClusterControl Cloud Features

Extensive Multi-Cloud and Database Support
Deploy and Manage Databases on Multiple Clouds
Point-in-Time Backups
Cloud Disaster Recovery
Extend Your on-Prem Services
Single Pane Hybrid Cloud Management
Database Load Balancing
Extensive Multi-Cloud and Database Support
ClusterControl allows you to run multiple databases on the top cloud providers.
Query Management Tool
Deploy and Manage Databases on Multiple Clouds
ClusterControl automatically spins-up instances and configures the database with your cloud provider in just a few simple steps.
Query Monitoring
Point-in-Time Backups
ClusterControl allows you to recover your databases at a specific point in time, thus minimizing Recovery Point Objective (RPO).
Query Outlier Detection
Cloud Disaster Recovery
You can count on ClusterControl to fully restore your database in the event of disaster, maintaining business continuity with minimal Recovery Time Objective (RTO).
database schema tools
Extend Your on-Prem Services
ClusterControl allows you leverage multiple cloud providers as an extension to on-prem infrastructure; without being locked-in to any vendor.
database schema tools
Single Pane Hybrid Cloud Management
ClusterControl maintains a single interface for monitoring and managing hassle-free on-prem and cloud databases, thus saving administration time and effort.

Why Use ClusterControl in the Cloud?

Flexible Hybrid Cloud Database Management Center

ClusterControl can be used with various cloud providers and provides the support for hybrid and agile database infrastructure for your organisation. You now can deploy and manage different databases on multiple cloud environments within a single interface. Automatically archive your backups in the cloud as part of your Disaster Recovery strategy.
“With ClusterControl in place, StreamAMG’s flagship product is now backed with a fully automated database infrastructure on AWS which allows us to ensure excellent uptime. Severalnines increased our streaming speed by 76% and this has greatly improved the delivery of content to our customers. The implementation took only two months to complete and saved us 12% in costs.”
Thom Holliday, Marketing Manager StreamAMG

How StreamAMG Leverages ClusterControl in the Cloud

Andrew De Bono, StreamAMG's Platform Manager talks about how they use ClusterControl on AWS and the challenges with streaming video. ClusterControl helps StreamAMG maintain uptime and scale to ensure consistent delivery, no matter how many users are accessing the content.

Explore All ClusterControl Features

Backup & Management

ClusterControl’s comprehensive backup management provides continuous data protection for your open source databases across local and cloud environments.

Monitoring & Alerting

ClusterControl provides a unified view of all your database deployments across multiple datacenters, letting you see the big picture or drilling down into individual nodes.

Deployment & Scaling

ClusterControl’s point-and-click interface lets you automate deployment and scaling of database setups securely to get production-ready environments up and running in a very short time.

Upgrades & Patching

ClusterControl ensures your databases stay up-to-date and compliant, reducing maintenance time by helping you apply upgrades and patches using battle-tested procedures.

Security & Compliance

ClusterControl ensures that your open source database deployments always adhere to the security model setups for each technology and keeps your critical data safe through encryption.

Operational Reporting

ClusterControl provides you with comprehensive operational reports on the health and stability of your database operations.

Configuration Management

ClusterControl makes configuring your databases easy by providing you battle-tested templates as well as making it easy to edit the configuration for your unique setup.

Automatic Recovery & Repair

The advanced automated failover technology in ClusterControl ensures your mission critical applications achieve high availability with zero downtime.

Performance Management

ClusterControl provides advanced monitoring and reporting features to let you easily keep a close eye on the performance of your database setups.


ClusterControl lets you deploy and run highly-available database clusters to AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud.