Exploring Data Stack Sovereignty with Tech Talks Daily

March 23, 2023
Neil C. Hughes

Data sovereignty has become a hot topic in recent years, and for good reason. With increased enforcement of regulations like GDPR and the implementation of more data privacy regulations, businesses are facing critical risks that shouldn’t be ignored. To compound the issue, most of the Western world’s data is being processed through a handful of major cloud service providers, presenting a significant challenge to achieving true data sovereignty.

At the heart of true data sovereignty is control over your entire data stack, but achieving practical sovereignty is not a binary choice. Instead, you should aim to be as close to the independence end of the spectrum as business needs and resources dictate. This means implementing a strategy that provides greater control over your data stack and mitigates risks like vendor and environment lock-in, key person dependency, open-source license instability, and more.

In this interview with Tech Talks Daily host Neil C. Hughes, Severalnines CEO Vinay Joosery talks about how in order to address these risks and achieve true data sovereignty, businesses can implement a Sovereign DBaaS concept. Listen to the full episode or catch the highlights to learn more about what a Sovereign DBaaS is and why you should implement one.

Originally published on Tech Talks Daily.


Name: Neil C. Hughes