Fully-managed, highly-available, open-source DBaaS

Built on top of the pressure-tested ClusterControl, CCX enables you to provision, deploy and manage performant, open-source database clusters in moments.

Supported databases

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Top CCX benefits


Set and forget database deployments

Building upon ClusterControl, CCX provides fully-managed, highly available MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL deployments.


Peace of mind with granular observability

CCX allows you to view cluster performance down to the query level, ensuring that you can troubleshoot where you need.


Access to hyperscalers and local clouds

Whether you’re looking to launch on hyperscalers like AWS or local clouds such as SafeSpring, you’re covered.


High availability SQL or NoSQL?

We offer the most popular and performant open-source SQL and NoSQL databases.

Are you a cloud service provider?

Now you can drop in a DBaaS with the most popular and performant open-source databases to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

ccx architecture for cloud service providers in small size

The features that count

Some you would expect, some you wouldn’t, all essential.

Automated backups

Full database backups taken daily and incremental ones every 5 minutes.

Advanced query monitoring

CCX is equipped with an advanced query monitor to help quickly resolve issues.

Virtual private cloud (VPC) peering

On AWS? Avoid the public internet by connecting to your private network.

Granular user management

Decide what access privileges you want them to have to the database.

Out-of-the-box Terraform support

Easily integrate CCX into your Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Terraform workflows.

Security and compliance

Severalnines possesses the certifications and has built CCX built with the features necessary for you to confidently adopt and implement it.


What is CCX?

CCX is a Database as a Service (DBaaS) built on the capabilities of ClusterControl that enables users to deploy and access managed, secured, MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL database clusters.

How is CCX different than ClusterControl?

ClusterControl provides the ability to fully manage your databases on your own hardware, while CCX is a database service that is fully managed by Severalnines.

What SLA does Severalnines provide for CCX?

We guarantee a minimum SLA of at least 99.98%. Visit our SLA page for more details, e.g. reimbursement schedules, exclusions, etc.

What compliance standards do you hold certifications for?

We are currently ISO 27001 certified and are in the process of achieving SOC 2 certification.

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