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February 11, 2021

How to Backup Your Moodle Database

Moodle is a popular learning management tool created for educators to build and manage online learning easily. The tool aims to provide a robust, secure, and integrated system to efficiently manage online education for educators...

February 9, 2021

How do You Restore MySQL Databases From Physical Files?

Open Restoring MyISAM configuration optionsIf you have taken a physical backup of your database and have a need to restore it, you have probably wondered how. This blog post should provide you with some insight...

February 6, 2021

How to Backup Your Chamilo LMS MySQL Database

Backup is the process of creating and storing copies of data that can be used to protect organizations against data loss. Chamilo LMS relies on MySQL or MariaDB as a database, so it is important...

February 5, 2021

How to Backup Your Moodle MariaDB Database

Previously, we had blogged about backing up your Moodle MySQL Database. This time, it's all about backing up your Moodle MariaDB Database. In fact, it shares the same approach when backing up your Moodle MySQL...

February 2, 2021

Best Practices for MySQL Backups

If you’re working with MySQL and you want to use some best practices, there are a lot of options you can focus on. Aside from performance tuning, engine and query optimization and replication configuration, you...

January 27, 2021

How to Backup Your Open edX MongoDB Database

Open edX is an open source project for online learning developed by the MIT and Harvard team. It is a web based application with a lot of components such as student facing, course authoring, course...

January 27, 2021

Replica Set Data Synchronization After Restoring a MongoDB Backup

Database backup is a crucial undertaking when ensuring data safety and availability in an event of database destruction at any time. In other words, backups may provide a better foundation for business continuity in any...

January 19, 2021

How to Backup Your Moodle MySQL Database

Data is an essential part of running a Moodle environment. Should the IT operations team lose data accidentally, then it could lead to a huge loss. So, to protect valuable information, sysadmins need to back...

January 14, 2021

Hot, Warm and Cold Backups in MySQL

When dealing with backups in MySQL, you have probably heard the terms “hot backup”, “warm backup” and “cold backup”. In this blog post we will try to figure out the similarities and differences between them....

January 12, 2021

Testing Your MySQL Database Backups

Backup testing should be a part of any backup strategy. The testing of your backups allows you to see how long it takes to get the data derived from database backups up and running again....

January 6, 2021

Tips for Storing Your Percona Backups in the Cloud

Percona has made a lot of great contributions in the open source world. One of the most downloaded software is their backup software for MySQL and for MongoDB. These softwares play a vital role for...

January 5, 2021

Taking Physical Backups for MySQL

If you've ever had any sort of issue with MySQL, you have probably needed to restore a MySQL database. In that scenario, you have probably used mysqldump or Percona XtraBackup to accomplish the task -...

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