Press Release: Backup Ninja Provides the Simplest and Most Cost-Effective Solution Against Ransomware

Forrest Lymburner


The low-cost, cloud-based solution to backing up open source databases enables startups, small businesses and individual professionals to enjoy enterprise-level peace of mind.


STOCKHOLM, May 20, 2020 ( – Among the countless number of malware threats affecting businesses, ransomware is the biggest offender, costing organizations over $7.5 billion in 2019 alone. Cyber-attacks affect more than just large companies, and Backup Ninja, a product of Severalnines, is the most simple, secure and cost-effective solution for small businesses to combat these threats. The software enables users to backup the world’s most popular open source databases locally or in the cloud, providing a safe and secure backup to minimize the impact caused by ransomware.

Ransomware attacks are costly, and small businesses suffer disproportionately due to less resources or a lack of sophisticated security tools and management. As the prevalence of ransomware increases, so too have the ransom demands; in 2019, ransom dollar amounts increased 37%. The downtime, often caused by a company’s unwillingness or inability to pay, can cost up to 23 times more than the ransom amount itself, and in 2019 those costs have soared over 200%.

”Small businesses are attractive targets because they have information that cybercriminals want, and they typically lack the security infrastructure of larger businesses,” said the U.S. Small Business Association ( “According to a recent SBA survey, 88% of small business owners felt their business was vulnerable to a cyberattack. Yet many businesses can’t afford professional IT solutions; they have limited time to devote to cybersecurity, or they don’t know where to begin”

For cybercriminals, there’s no more cost-effective option to hold a business hostage. It’s highly transmissible, as many clients often unknowingly spread the malware onto other devices, and many of the vulnerabilities that are preyed upon are of the company’s own doing. Weak passwords, poor access management, a lack of security training, and aggressive phishing email campaigns are all avenues of opportunity that cybercriminals regularly exploit for monetary gain.

Backup Ninja aims to provide an equally cost-cost effective but far more simple and sophisticated solution to combat ransomware through its safe and secure backup software. Whether stored locally or in the cloud, database integrity is always preserved to ensure a seamless restoration of data. If the threat of troublesome malware should arise, businesses won’t have to pay any ransoms, and downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

Backup Ninja uses advanced TLS encryption for operations and encrypts stored databases using AES-256 encryption,” said Vinay Joosery, CEO of Severalnines. “Backup Ninja is simple enough for the smallest website database and feature-rich enough to support enterprise-grade requirements. Any application can take advantage of our service, as long as we offer support for the database you are using in your application.”

Businesses can protect themselves, maintain productivity, as well as profitability, with Backup Ninja, and never have to pay to retrieve their own data again.

For more information, visit Backup Ninja.

About Severalnines

Severalnines provides automation and management software for open source database clusters. We help companies deploy their databases in any environment and manage all the operational aspects to achieve high-scale availability. Severalnines’ products are used by System Administrators, Developers, and DBAs of all skill levels to provide a fully complete database lifecycle; freeing them from the complexity and learning curves that are typically associated with highly-available database setups. 

The company has enabled tens of thousands of deployments to date via its popular product ClusterControl for customers like ABSA Bank, BT, Cisco, HP, IBM Research, NHS, Orange, Ping Identity, Technicolor, and VodafoneZiggo. Severalnines is a private company headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden with employees operating remotely around the world. To see who is using Severalnine’s products, visit, ​


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