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Aspicon GmbH

ASPICON GmbH - Oracle Platinum Partner, offering an extensive range of database related services that include the planning, installation and maintenance of database infrastructures focused on high availability solutions as well as remote database administration services. ASPICON has specialized in S9S products and offers professional licensing and deep dive consulting services to put S9S products in the right spot.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides multi-faced cloud services across the globe, including everything from infrastructure, networking, and database services to AI and ML.

City Network

City Network is a leading provider of infrastructure services in Europe with over 30,000 customers and data centers in 27 locations around the world.

Clever Net Systems

Clever Net Systems provides expert Open Source infrastructure consulting and training services for its European customers in the areas of virtualization, cloud computing, storage, automation, monitoring and databases: we help customers tune their Open Source DBs for security, maximum performance and high availability.

DBI Services

Founded in 2010, the IT services company dbi services is now a leader in the management of information systems with its team of experienced specialists. The passion for the business, for continuous learning, and for knowledge sharing are an inherent part of the corporate values. Thus, dbi services consultants remain at the forefront of technology, providing the best services to our customers who become ambassadors of our expertise.

EIT Digital

EIT Digital is a leading European digital innovation and entrepreneurial education organisation driving Europe’s digital transformation.

EIT Digital delivers breakthrough digital innovations to the market and breeds entrepreneurial talent for economic growth and improved quality of life in Europe. It does this by mobilising a pan-European ecosystem of over 130 top European corporations, SMEs, start-ups, universities and research institutes.

European Union

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 876008

Galera Cluster / Codership

Codership develops replication and clustering solutions for open source databases, adopting novel ideas from latest DBMS and distributed computing research to build a fundamentally new high availability solution from the ground up. Our flagship product, Codership’s Galera Cluster for MySQL, is a synchronous multi-master cluster which provides high system uptime with no data loss and scalability for high traffic web businesses. Galera is an open-source product which also powers Percona XtraDB Cluster and MariaDB Galera Cluster.


Google Cloud Platform (GCP) helps organizations accelerate their digital transformation by providing infrastructure, platform, industry solutions and expertise.


Intel is the world’s largest semiconductor chip manufacturer, providing advanced chip sets for personal computers and servers.